Do some video games make children aggresive?

Monday, January 24, 2011

First person shooter's are the game of today. It all started in 1998 with the release of half life. Ever since then first person shooter's have dominated today's market. It would seem as if today's lack of time is the biggest reason why FPS / first person shooters, are the main genre of our era. People don't have enough time to play 100 hour strategy games or games with a huge story-line because they do not have enough time to enjoy it. Also by human nature people are always seeking new adventure. The best way to be in a war without actually getting wounded or worse... is to experience them in video games. Speaking of natural tendencies, human's are also always competing. Everyone want's to be the top dog but so few can actually hold the spot. FPS are roller coaster's of thrill and adrenaline and that's another reason people get into them, because they see what the character sees. There is nothing worse then dying a bunch of time's without any kills and feeling the team's disappointment in you. First person shooter's are the video game's of today, upbeat and fast paced it can work with our daily lives.
Today i had a thought. There are plenty of other cool non violent video game's why are 1st person shooters the most popular? Just wanted to give you all something to ponder on. i will post later on after i research some about why 1st person shooter's are so popular.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Microsoft Kinect

It seam's as if Microsoft will be coming out with Kinect for PC.  Motion gaming has taken a huge step forward ever since the kinect has come out. Now people can mover and select thing's on the T.V. screen without a controller. I had the experience of experiencing the Kinect for Xbox 360 at my friend's house the other day. All i can say is that it didn't disappoint. By far it blew away the PS3's and wii's attempt at motion gaming. The kinect offer's fun family event's with up to two people playing at once. Go on adventures on a raft and race in the Amazon river. Jump, shift your weight, and move from side to side to avoid hazardous object if you way. Let me tell you the last thing you want is to run into a log while racing your friend. The playstation move is basically an upgraded version of the wii remote. And while it is an upgrade you still get caught doing repetitive non related movements to get your task accomplished. The playstation move offers another kind of game, it is more of a fighting, sportsy genre of game more ideal to the average gamer, but the kinect beat's the playstation move ten times over.


Your blog need's a lot of work. All you do is talk about one game over and over again. You could at least spread out you subject's and talk about thing's other then video game's. You link too much it's like you have to meet a quota or something. You should link to prove that your not talking with your head up your ass, not to re inform everyone what call of duty is this is something assumed that is not of relevance to the subject, it is just spam in a way and makes it less enjoyable to read. Sometimes you have nothing to prove, but you link anyway, ignore this weird quota you have for linking, if you want a successful blog link when necessary and keep it to a minimum. You have to be a teenager and still learning, but at least look at other people's blog's before you create your own. I know you will get better you can't get any lower then you are right now. Please re think your blog and loosen up the subject's. Here's some suggestion's if you have to talk about video game's. Why don't you talk about Kinect, or motion gaming. Or something new in the field of gaming. You did that with your Half-Life post but you never took advantage of that opened door into a new subject.


Hey Apapai, you have a really special blog here. It seem's all blog's are either incredible fact site's or just some guy talking about his life. You've manage to tie them together and create a wonderful blog. Your mind seam's to be narrow though, you haven't talked much about anything other then that one CoD. I like your insight. It would be nice if you could apply it to other everyday situation's. You have a special talent for blogging and i always get a kick out of reading your blog's.  
          Regard's - Harvey


I like some of your post tool. You have some good stuff in their, but it could also use some... how do i say this... refining. You should talk more about other video game's other then Call Of Duty. Talk some about quickhit. Overall though your blog is swagg.

From viewer:

Your blog's pretty good. I think that video game's do have an overall negative effect on the population though. If you think about it, almost  every kid nowadays has access to the internet. That means every kid has access to video games. Since about the 1980's Kid's have been reading less and less and playing video games more and more. It's now at a point where the less then half of the entirety of the U.S. read's for pleasure now. A large part of this is due to children not reading anymore because they are on facebook or playing video games. Also since the 80's the U.S. education system has decreased from the  number one in the world to 17. I think their is a direct link between video game's and education. Also school shooting haven't really been influenced by video games. The biggest massacre's happened before video game's ever existed. Video game's like CoD, Half-Life, and other gory video game's might make kid's more aggressive but it doesn't make them lose track of reality and go on a killing spree. Overall i think you blog is funny and correct. You seem to prove these examples through your stories.